Reject Referendum Measure 88!

Stop Divisive I-1000 by Rejecting R-88

With your help, we collected 213,268 signatures, and submitted them to the Secretary of State before the deadline!

The Secretary of State Certified Referendum Measure 88 (R-88) for the November ballot on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019. We set a record for number of signatures backing a referendum measure in WA history. The public vote on R-88 will decide whether I-1000 becomes law. I-1000 is divisive. Reject R-88!.

I-1000 divides us further. It separates us out by race and judges us by race. Please join our campaign to Reject R-88, Stop I-1000 .

Despite strong oppositions, lawmakers in Olympia rushed to pass Initiative 1000 (I-1000) in the last few hours of this legislative session. I-1000 can be summed up in one sentence: It would abolish the standard of equality for all, regardless of races, sex, color, age, ethnicity, or national origin, as required by Washington Civil Rights Act, and replace it with a system that uses different rules for people of different races.

Referendum Measure 88 has been filed with the Secretary of State to put that choice where it really belongs – in the hands of the people. R-88 is managed by Let People Vote, a PDC registered campaign committee. For more information, please call 425-588-8011.

Please sign up to help qualify Referendum Measure 88 and let people vote on I-1000 (in the form of Referendum Measure 88) in November’s ballot.

Our Opinion

Initiative 1000 seeks to repeal Washington Civil Rights Act (I-200) and was enacted by the Legislature on the last day of the session in order to deny a public vote on the matter. Voter approved I-200 by more than 58% of votes in 1998. Why shouldn’t voters be allowed to decide whether to change it?

Our Action

We have filed Referendum Measure 88 to put I-1000 on the November ballot. We have till 7/27 to collect 170,000 voters’ signatures and qualify it for the November ballot. The public will have the opportunity to debate if racial preferential treatment has a place in today’s society.

Signature Collection Has Started!

On 5/29/2019, our petition sheet was approved and we started signature collections immediately. We are collecting signatures in all big events, and we will update the fixed signature collection locations. If you cannot find one close to you, please contact us. We may either let you the closest location(s), or mail you a petition sheet (up to 15 signatures per sheet).