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Let People Vote’s Background

Please check out our About Us page.


Can you explain Initiative 1000 (I-1000) in English? I read the original text (still in English) but it is very hard to understand.

Initiative 1000 seeks to repeal Washington Civil Rights Act (I- 200) and was enacted by the Legislature on the last day of the session in order to deny a public vote on the matter.

Initiative 1000 will abolish the standard of equality for all, regardless of race, as required by I-200, and replace it with a system that uses different rules for people of different races.


What is your position on I-1000?

We believe regardless a person’s position on I-1000, voters should be the ones to decide whether to change I-200 or not. As News Tribune put it:

If I-1000 becomes law by legislative mandate, it flies in the face of the previously expressed will of voters.

The last time the people of Washington spoke on this issue, in 1998, the result was an emphatic 58-percent vote in favor of Initiative 200. That law, still on the books today, prohibits the state from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment in public education, employment and contracts on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. “


What’s the status of I-1000?

It passed legislatures on 4/28, the last day of legislature session in 2019.

We, Let People Vote, a WA PAC (political action committee), filed referendum request (Referendum Measure 88) on 4/29 to put I-1000 back on November’s ballot, so WA voters can decide whether to adopt I-1000. In order to put I-1000 to the ballot, we have to collect enough voter signatures by 7/27.


List three the most important things you need?

Donations, volunteers, and awareness.

Donations help us cover signature collection costs. If you donated, please pass this website information to your friends who may join you.

Volunteers help facilitate overall signature collection process, including signature collection, donation collection, data collection, and raising awareness.

Raising awareness is equally important as the previous two. Discuss with your friend. Encourage them to excise civic rights.


How can we trust my donations are properly used?

As a registered PAC, we report report all contributions and expenses to PDC as required by the law . You can find your name in the “Contributors” tab, and you are also welcomed to check our expense details in “Expenditures” tab. Per PDC requirement, first filing will be June.


How’s fundraising going?

It went very well. Check our donor ranking by employer. Most donors are grass root employees. We still need more help. Join the momentum!


Will you still collect signatures if not enough donations are raised?

Yes. We will get job done!


Who can donate?

Any US citizen or permanent card holders can donate, regardless the residential states. There is no up limit for donation.


Is donation tax deductible or qualified for company match?

No, donation to Let People Vote is not tax deductible. Neither is qualified for company match.


Do you prefer offline donation (aka check donation) or online donation?

Either one is fine. If your donation is $200 or more, we suggest use offline donation because it saves us the credit card processing fees (slightly more than 4%) but online donations are very welcomed! You can use credit card or PayPal to donate online.


Why do you collect my name, address, and my employer information in the donation page? 

Per Washington State law, we have to report all donor information if the donation is $25 above, and all employer information is the donation is $100 or above. The information will be at pdc website . Political donation is pure civic right which we all cherish.


Who can sign?

Only registered voter in WA can sign. If you are a US citizen but not registered, you need to register at SOS before you sign. Voter registration online only takes 2-3 minutes.


Where can I sign?

We will publish the locations at this site when our booths are set up. Please check this site every a few days. We may move the booths every a few days.


Can I sign online?

No. SOS only accepts signatures signed in person.


Do I need to show my ID when I sign?



Why do you need my date of birth?

Secretary of State will use this information to validate the signatures. If you are not comfortable to give your DOB info, you can only fill the month & date, and skip the year.


I want to sign, but where can I find you?

Go to our signing locations. Or contact us and we can mail you a petition sheet (each sheet can have up to 15 signatures); don’t forget to mail it back to us!


Do you need volunteers?

Yes! Register at our volunteer page and we will contact you! You don’t have to live in Washington state. Many help can be done remotely.